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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Monessen Messenger: MAY 2008

“There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God,
the holy place where the Most High dwells…
The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.”
Psalm 46: 4, 7

Happy Mother's Day!

++Con's Comments++

Scripture is amazing on several levels. We believe that God’s word is contained within it. We gain much from its words that guide us and assist us through our life on this earth. Taken individually, each book has within it unique and fascinating information. Sometimes we cheat ourselves concerning its value when we limit our reading to those ‘well known’ verses. There is much for us to learn and appreciate that goes far beyond a selected handful of verses. Recently Nancy & I had the opportunity to explore a cave, which was actually an old underground lava tube. The first part of the cave looked much like many other caves we had seen in the past, but as we went deeper and deeper we found the true treasure and special features of the tube. As I think of it now, I realize that the tube is much like scripture. As we go deeper we find the wonderment that makes each book something very, very special. Join us on Sundays as we worship our Lord and explore the ‘deeper part of the cave’ in the book of Hebrews.


Chicken & Biscuit Dinner
Saturday, May 17
Invite Your Friends and Neighbors

Happy Birthday:
10. Michael McLain
17. Zachary Thorpe
18. Debbie Bigi
23. Rachel Auel
24. Stephanie Hamer

Happy Anniversary:
23. John & Jane Havran

Elder Serving Greeter
4. Sharan Shuty 4. Tina Layne
11. John Wilding 11. Rachel Auel
18. Bill Vinck 18. Norma Black
25. Sharan Shuty 25. Roman Czornij

Serving Communion
4. Ed Shuty, David Godlewski
11. Laura Taylor, Roman Czornij
18. Matt Taylor, Joe Godlewski
25. Tina Layne, Alex Shuty

Deaconess for May: Donna Thorpe

Flowers For Worship

4. CWF.

11. Norma Black: For all the mothers of our church.

18. Con & Nancy Auel: In honor of Rachel’s birthday.

25. CWF-in memory of all those who gave their lives in service to our country.

++Prayer List++
Elizabeth Anthony

Dorothy Auel
Evelyn Beck

Donald Black
Othella Black

Joyce, Sheldon, & Scott Bloyer


Shirley Chew
Melva Clingerman

Charles Crouse
Fred Crouse Sr.

Donna Daugherty
Chris & Lisa Dodson

Maryann Domyancie’s mother

Cheryl Evansky
John & Rose Fagan

Fred Fal
Harvey & Fran Hook

Ms. Fox
Heidi Keefer

John, Carol, Cody
Eric Leech

Joyce Layne
Nick Macko

Michael M.
Harry Malone

Bill Matty
Ryan McCarty

Joanie McGee & family
Kenny McGee

Melonie & Jeff Miller
Eleanor Reiger

Al Richmond
Janet, Rich, Carissa, & Gage

Lena Rotolo
Jeffrey S.

Matthew Saunders
Kim Shippe

Jenni & Donald Smith
Cal Smith

Charles & Ellen Stacy

Barbara Tikhonoff
Jayne Tordi

Gloria Wadsworth

Joe Wizlowski family
Melba Jean Wolfe

David Younkins
Our Chruch

Our school
Our Country-for peace

Our President & The upcoming elections
Those in military service :

Cody Goodbred

Nick Drew-Navy

Matt Higgins

Chris Povich-Army

Zachary Thorpe

Herb Lippencott

Lindsey Wible

John Crea-Army

Anthony Madison

Laura Kephart-Army

Nicholas Amoroso

John Smerbeck-Army

RC Minnitti

Harold Hines-Marine

Ryan McCarty-Marines

Justin Oliver

Zachary Boso

Ben Parado-Navy

Chris Kephart-Army